Saturday, 4 January 2014

My latest short story "the utterance" (published by Writers Asylum, 4 Jan 2014)

I begin 2014 with my short story "the utterance" (published by Writers Asylum, 4 Jan 2014). An excerpt:
"A month after he had sneezed and uttered “Allhamulldillah!” he was still looking for a place to move in with Yamini. The whole cycle had started again: Of going through affordable houses but unlivable existential conditions, love-at-first-sight houses but burn-holes-in-pocket prices.
They finally moved into a Muslim neighborhood in Jamia Nagar. The owner, Jumman Mirza, happily handed them the keys to the apartment although he didn’t recognize the boy who now stood in front of him as an adult, and whom he had once hero-worshipped for having shown the thumb to the skies. The boy, whom he had seen once in a while, heard a lot about but never had a conversation with.
To start from the beginning, he might have been born in a Muslim ghetto in the small town of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, but people, without much appreciation of course,knew him as a rebel. They said he had got into the bad habit of objecting to everything around him and that it was in very bad taste."

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